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Hello and welcome to Supreme Nails.

Supreme Nails provide high-quality, durable, luxurious Press On nails that are custom-made for every person. Simple styles for everyday wear right up to a bit of glitz and glamour for special occasions. Each set is reusable with salon results and can last for up to two weeks or even longer with proper application and care. Our Press On nails can be easily applied, removed, and are 100% safe to use on your natural nails.

Our priority is to provide you with top-quality nails as well as satisfying service.

No inconvenient appointments! You can have amazing nails when YOU want! Use adhesive tabs for a few hours up to a week for an event, or nail glue for up to 3 weeks’ wear when following our application instructions!

We are taking the love and passion for decorative nails and making it an easy alternative for customers to experience quality unique nails for every occasion at a fraction of the cost of salons and the ability to stay in the comfort of your own home.

Bring the nail salon to the comfort of your own home and treat yourself to your favourite set today.
Shop now to explore our gorgeous collection of nails or ask for something customized for YOU.

Thank you so much for visiting and we hope you find a set of nails that you love just as much as we love creating them.