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Sizing Nails

Many ways to size your nails

If you have never shopped with us before, there are a few ways you can ensure that your nails fit great. 

Order a Basic Sizing Kit, Deluxe Sizing Kit  or any 20 piece set within Made to Order listings in your chosen shape & length. The measurements that fit your nail plate are not universal throughout the range, please purchase a sizing kit for each nail style you are interested in. Find the correct fitting size for each nail and record the millimetres (mm) and number on your record card. This will then become your custom nail sizes for that shape that you need to keep for future reference. 

We do sell “Ready to Ship” nails which come in predetermined sizes as well (XS, S, M, L, XL & 20 piece sets). These are on offer for immediate sale. It is advisable to double check that the millimetres (mm) matching a pre-set size on offer are the same as your actual nails as the millimetre (mm) measurements are different within each shape and length set. A detailed sizing chart is listed to view all measurements in millimetres (mm) for every set of nails offered.

Measuring with Tape:

You will need a thin-tipped pen, sticky tape, ruler or measuring tape which has millimetres (mm). See diagram as pictured below.

Step 1 Place a piece of tape across your entire nailbed ensuring that the tape is pushed close into your sidewalls and smooth.
Step 2 Mark both sides of your nailbed with a thin-tipped pen at the widest point. Be precise and as close to the edge as possible.
Step 3 Stick the tape onto a piece of paper. Measure the widest part of your two lines using  millimetres (mm). Write the correlating measurement. Example: (Left Thumb: 16mm) and so on until all 10 nails are completed. Match your size with the  Nail Measurement Chart corresponding nail shape and length you require. If you are in between sizes it is recommended to go up a size.

Full Sets of 20:

Order a 20 piece nail set  in the Custom Order Collection or a Deluxe Sizing Kit.  Purchasing one of the sets can help gauge your sizes to record. Some people have multiple nails with the same size and sometimes a full set of sizes does not meet the requirements of the customer. Basic Sizing Kits are the best option to determine nail sizes. It is recommended to record your sizing, shape, and length you ordered so you know what your exact measurements are. Sizing Kits on the website inclusive of FREE SHIPPING to Australian residents plus a 15% OFF discount for next custom order, valid for 4 months. Take a photo so you always have your nail size in (mm) on hand. Keep in mind that the placement of any accent nails may vary from the picture in our shop as it is not known what particular nail your feature nails will be within a set is of 20.

Tips for a perfect fit:

  • The press on nail should cover your nail bed from sidewall to sidewall, without leaving any gaps at the sides.
  • Good fit is crucial – a nail that is too small or too large will most likely lift within the first few days, if not sooner.
  • If you need to apply too much pressure for the nail to cover the sidewalls, you most likely need to choose the next larger size.
  • If your finger is in between sizes, order the next size larger. You can always lightly file the sides and cuticle area to get the perfect fit!
  • Measure all 10 fingers! It is not uncommon to wear the same size on multiple fingers, or to wear different sizes on each.
  • If you need additional help it is recommended to view a few YouTube tutorials by searching “how to measure Press On nails” 
  • We cannot be responsible if the wrong sizes are ordered due to not measuring correctly. It is always recommended to purchase a Basic Sizing Kit to find your correct sizing. If you find a nail that does not fit, please contact for another size replacement to be made for an additional charge.
  • Predetermined sizes: (measured in millimetres (mm) vary depending on style and length)
  • If your measurements do not fit these standard predetermined sizes, you will need to enter your custom sizes for each set when you are making selections within the set offered in the custom number box.
  • Predetermined number sizes are listed in order from Thumb – Pinky finger.

Please also view our FAQ  page and Tips & Tricks page for additional questions or information you may require.