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  • Trim nails if long, shorten tips with file and remove any polish with acetone.
  • Push cuticles back with wooden stick and remove dead skin around the cuticle which builds up on the nail plate and sides of nail. Not doing correctly will result in the nail lifting faster. Time spent on these steps will achieve success and is one of the main reasons that lifting occurs!
  • Thoroughly scrub nails and cuticle area with soap and dry.
  • On a clean surface place press on nails where you will be applying the nails in order.
  • Double check each nail fits comfortably on your clean nail surface. If a nail is slightly too big use file to gently file a little off each side for a perfect fit around your cuticles and remove excess dust. Cuticles are shaped differently and it is ok to modify edges to fit your cuticle.
  • Gently buff the entire nailbed (the top surface of nail to assist with proper adhesion).
  • Like any beauty enhancement, there are risks to not using products properly. Make sure to apply your nails tightly to your nail, trying not to leave any spaces. With long wear of press on nails, if there is space for water or moisture to get under your press on, there is a chance of growing nail fungus. This is very rare but still possible if not used correctly or reapplied when loose.

This step will help the nail to adhere to the press on nail and last longer.

  • Use the alcohol wipe to clean your nails, ensuring the nail bed and surrounding skin is clean and make sure nothing touches your nails after this, allow to dry. Repeat with the second hand after the first set is done to ensure no oils remain.


  • Using Gel Glue Tabs (last 2-3 days minimum) – Place sheet of tabs over the nail to find the correct size for the nailbed.
  • Peel off correct size and place on the nail bed. Rub the tab and ensure it is secure and there are no bubbles. Peel off plastic tab.
  • Using Nail Glue (last 2-3 weeks) – Place two dots on each natural and the press on nail and spread around the surface. Take extra care not to allow too much glue to go near the cuticle area.
  • At a 45-degree angle place press on nail to the cuticle area and line up straight and press down towards the front removing all air bubbles.
  • Hold nail firmly with an even pressure for 30 seconds. Avoid wetting hands for at least three hours.


  • Do not rush preparation & application, this will result in nails falling off.
  • Start application on dominant hand, pinky finger first. This will allow you to pick up press on nails as you continue to apply and give you better control.
  • The best time to apply nails is at night-time before bed. It gives the nails time to completely dry and adhere to the nail plate.
  • If applying in the daytime keep away from water for at least 3 hours as lots of water contact will result in the glue losing strength. Night application is recommended.
  • Always carry glue for emergencies.
  • Treat Nails with care and do not use as tools to open products etc.
  • Keep away from prolonged hot water.
  • Do not pull off your press on nails, soak them to remove. Pulling off damages the nails plate. Please read removal instructions supplied.
  • Nails are jewels not tools, use gloves when doing dishes, gardening etc to prolong wear.

How to Rock Press On Nails Like a PRO! + DIY Nail Care Routine!