Purchase a Nail Sizing Kit of each shape and length you would like to wear. There is a Basic Sizing Kit which you will receive one of each size to find the best sizes to record for future custom orders. A Deluxe Sizing Kit which you will receive 2 of each nail size where you can select a colour offered and wear whilst having the ability to size your nails. Lastly Ordering a complete set of 20 nails can assist with finding your sizes too. 20 piece sets are offered within Made to order (MTO) listings.

Select the CUSTOM option and enter your sizes. Nail sizes vary between different shapes and lengths. Please refer to Nail Sizing page for further information. It is important to know that if you are between sizes to go a size up as you can always file a little from each of the sides of the nails when you receive them.

Yes, use of adhesive nail tabs will make nails reusable instantly. If nail glue is used it is recommended to purchase an inexpensive electric nail file if you intend on reusing. With the file you will have the ability to easily buff away any built-up glue on the nail to enable more wears. We are sourcing inexpensive nail drills to offer on this site currently.

The design will differ to accommodate the style selected. Example: you can not order a set shown with an XXL Stiletto nail and expect it to look the same on the shortest nail set we offer. This needs to be kept in mind when ordering. Sometimes drastically switching a shape or nail design can make a nail look odd and is impossible to achieve. This is why sometimes we choose to remove some features as it just won’t look any good on a shorter nail nor fit.

Please note: these nails are NOT permanent nails. They are meant to be removed and are not guaranteed to stay on for a set period of time. Complimentary etching is complete on underside of nail to assist with further adhesion. The amount of natural oils your nails produce, how often your nails come into contact with water or oil and, your application process can affect the longevity of the nails. If the adhesive tabs aren’t working for you, we suggest using the nail glue. The duration depends on how well you prep your natural nails before application, how rough you are with your hands and your choice of adhesive. They can last approximately 1-3 weeks with glue and up to 1 week with adhesive tabs. Like any beauty enhancement, there are risks with not using products properly. Make sure to apply your nails tightly to your nail trying not to leave any spaces. With long wear press on nails, if there is space for water or moisture to get under your press on nails, there is a chance of growing nail fungus. This is rare but still possible if not used correctly. If any lifting occurs do not continue wearing as this can cause bacteria to get trapped underneath the nail. Remove press on nail, clean, prep nail and reapply. 

Press On nails do not damage your nails. It’s how you remove the nails that cause damage. If you decide to pry or force off your glued on nails, you do so at your own risk and may damage your nail plate in the process by peeling fine layers of your nail off. If you have an accident or hit your nail there is a chance that and injury may occur. Removal instructions are supplied and Supreme Nails takes no responsibility for improper nail removal which damages the nail plate. If you are unsure, please email or read our Nail Care Guide

During busy times orders can take from 2-4 weeks to be shipped, although the aim is to ship as fast as possible (apart from “Ready to Ship” items). Most will ship within a week but this is an estimate. We do not guarantee that your order will be shipped within this time frame. They may be shipped sooner but may take longer. Each set is hand crafted and takes time to make.  All nails apart from (Ready to Ship – RTS) are made to order. 

Turnaround time is typically 5-7 days, but again this is an estimate. Ideally the goal is to have your nails produced in the fastest time possible without missing steps to ensure a quality product is delivered. Please keep an eye on the homepage for current processing times.

That’s not a problem, drop us a message via our “Custom Request Tab” or  including details such as length, shape and we will be happy to discuss. If you see a set advertised in the made to order section but not in your colour this is a simple process to change.

No, nails are built with a variety of products such as builder gel, acrylic, layers of quality gel polish and top coat. Most nails are constructed with at least 5-6 layers or more which ensures quality and longevity of the nail if cared for. Some sets have a layer of hard gel depending on the set. These are Longwear press on nails which are not flimsy like nails bought at the local pharmacy. When removed properly and stored, nails can be reusable!

Proper nail preparation, accurate sizing, and the way you use your nails with everyday life will affect the longevity of the nails. If your nails are too tight or too big, they can pop off. Ordering Basic Sizing Kit is the best way to ensure your nails fit properly. Ensure that when finding your correct size that you take the time with each nail is fitting from sidewall to sidewall.

Due to nails being 100% handmade, we do not offer refunds for incorrect sizing. Please do contact to request the correct nail size be made to compliment your set at an additional cost if you find you incorrectly sized a nail. We do have sizing kits on the website inclusive of FREE SHIPPING to Australian residents plus a 15% OFF discount for next custom order.

A detailed guide for application, removal and a prep kit is included with every order. Our nail application is very easy and can be complete in 15 minutes or less. It may take longer if you have never had a nail care regime to get your cuticles up to scratch. If your nails do have quite an amount of dead skin, more time may be required to ensure that your application is successful. Take the time to read the instructions and tips prior to applying your nails

Duplication of any design is a priority. These sets are hand painted and therefore can differ slightly from what is pictured. Nail sets with glitter, cat eye, alcohol inks (marble) are very hard to replicate exactly as the products create their own natural movements on application. Purchasing, acknowledges that you have read and understand these terms & conditions. *

Yes! Long baths or showers with hot water is not recommended as the heat and moisture hydrate the nail excessively and can possibly assist with faster lifting. Wearing gloves when doing the dishes is a must.

We allow a two-hour cool off period to enable you to make contact to cancel an order as our priority is to process your order. Due to nature of custom orders and sanitary reasons, we do not offer refunds or exchanges.

However, please do contact if there is an issue with your order once you receive it.

Unfortunately the fees involved need to be considered.

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